Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bob's Revlon Run with Halle Berry! by Danielle Dillahunt Elkin

Bob, being a civic minded and big-hearted guy INSISTED on doing the EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women in Los Angeles CA on 5/7/2011. Well okay, he looked at the flyer and saw that Halle Berry was going to be there. I'm not saying that's why he was so keen to go, I'm just saying . . .

Bob shows up a the Revlon Walk/Run for Women and sees Halle Berry on the big screen as she warms up the crowd (yes, he is in the right place)

Bob has a long walk ahead of him so before the walk so he finds some ballons to munch on

After the balloon breakfast Bob makes fast friends with a group of girls in pink wigs

The walk begins (and Halle awaits on the bridge ahead)

Bob keeping pace with the crowd wishing he had a pink pom pom

This is where Bob gets to see Halle Berry but she is actually behind him on the bridge (move it Bob!)

Bob moved out of the way so I could take this photo of Halle Berry is (she is the one in the pink wig--honest, just ask Bob)

Revved up after seeing Halle, Bob completes the Revlon 5k Run/Walk for Women and proudly displays the medal he earned for finishing

Bob stays to dance at the after party in the LA Coliseum

By Danielle Dillahunt Elkin

Monday, 9 May 2011

.................................Bob's party is over!!

so bob's first competition is over, he has been partying all over the globe now its time to rest and nurse a sore cardboard head! thanks to all who entered your photos were great and bob had an
amazing time!

We are off to make Sandy's T-shirt and plan more competitions!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bob’s Adventure in Appalachia, USA By Denise Stewart-Sanabria

It’s another bitterly cold winter evening in East Tennessee.
Bob heads down to Knoxville on a snowy Saturday night, looking for love. Lots of pretty girls downtown are out on the sidewalks. They ignore Bob. Why is it always this way? They treat him as if he has no more personality than if he were just a mere cardboard cutout.

Feeling rejected, Bob heads up Rt. 75 N the next morning, hoping that maybe if he pays he can get some action. Wrong. The strip joints are closed. It is Sunday.

Bob gets a sign that he might be heading the wrong way. He heads for the river, his mind in turmoil.

Should he end it all? He decides against it. That water looked freezing, and he’s wearing his new shoes.

Bob keeps walking-he has to! His leg is just cut that way. He finds himself deep in the wilderness. Perhaps he should just live in a cave.

Could he survive here living like a Paleolithic hunter?

Not likely. A giant icicle knocks Bob down and nearly kills him. Luckily, his corrugated strength saves him, and he rights himself, barely bent.

Bob decides he'll make another go of it, and heads back to Knoxville. Maybe if he takes his hands out of his pockets and looks up once in a while people won't think he's totally flat and one-sided. Could he work at being a bit more complex? He might never be semi-gloss, but anything would be better than matte. Maybe he just needs to soak up a good latte.