Friday, 2 September 2011

Notting Hill Carnival!!

After quite a quiet weekend of relaxing in his envelope and planning his next video adventure bob decided to end his bank holiday with some excitement! the biggest street carnival in Europe sounded pretty good so we took all the photographic equipment we could carry and looking like a pair of eclectic camera stands we squeezed onto the tube. even bob, a man used to traveling in an envelope, felt a bit claustrophobic in there!

Everyone seemed a bit confused at Notting Hill Gate but bob followed a trail of empty pineapple and coconut juice cartons all the way to centre of the carnival! bob has seen a lot of things on his travels but he has never seen a huge Jesus made of disco balls! until now!!! in fact bob thought he had seen it all before he visited Notting hill!
The precession was amazing, but bob is pretty small and struggled to get to the front. we where determined though so we chased it!! if you haven't tried running through a crowd with two cameras around your neck a spinner 360 in one hand and bob and an xa 2 in the other while Jake chases you with his "50s Bakelite selection!" i don't recommend it!

Feeling a little flustered we caught the parade and bob pushed to the front! as soon as he made it through the crowd bob started to make friends and even managed to get in with the dancers. There was some incredible dancing to be seen and if bob had eyebrows they would certainly have been raised a few times!

Bob definitely recommends the Notting Hill Carnival to any one!