Friday, 29 July 2011

Gillian Mcleod and her peg leg bob!!

Bob is great!
He comes everywhere with me… work (he bought a cell phone from me & joined me
in training) school (he helps keep me focused and inspires
me to do art) church (he’s been in the choir, played the
organ, and preached)
...and most importantly he accompanies
me on my photo journeys (he made his
own pinhole camera and has his very
own Diana extreme mini)
He loves to wander.

He’s been to the beach where he made a sand castle, took photos, and got buried in the sand (he wanted to be a mermaid). Oh, and he’s been bowling; he almost got flattened by a bowling ball but moved just in time. Bob also met some friends on roof in downtown Kitchener, ON.

Bob is a great conversation starter and a great way to make friends. Bob is also a crowd stopper! One of Bob’s most exciting excursions was to the Multicultural festival where he was carried around in his own side saddle on my dog Theo; everyone wanted to know what the carrier was for and who Bob was!

Bob helped hand out water to passers by, then he met the ice cream lady, had a drink at the water station, watched the multicultural dancing and singing, had some meat, and met a parrot! It was amazing he was able to hold on for so long considering Bob had lost a foot a couple weeks back in a hip-waders mishap. But the best thing of all was that Bob got fixed up! The paramedics were very attentive to all his needs. They checked his breathing and gave him oxygen, checked his pulse, and splintered his one leg.

I am proud to say I am the owner of the one and only Peg-leg Bob!

Bob is well lived,
and well loved.

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