Monday, 28 February 2011

bob's Hastings Adventure

This week Jake and I took bob to Hastings! For those of you who don't know (most of you) Hastings is a slightly horrible British seaside town characterised mainly by tacky arcades, miserable weather and seagulls. Perfect for a bob adventure!

We went to Hastings hoping to get a photo of bob being carried away by seagulls. But it turns out that the seagulls insatiable desire for and aggressive procurement of chips is vastly overstated! After half an hour of taping wet chips to greasy cardboard and chasing seagulls around a muddy car park we gave up. I will get that shot! But not today!

Despite the seagull failure bob did have an exciting time. He met a giant mosaic moth, an angry chef, a mob of wrestlers and more besides. So please take a look at the album we've created and see not only how bob faired in not so sunny Hastings but also an exclusive world first: A seaborne bob!

By the way we love Hastings!

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