Monday, 7 March 2011

This Week Jake and I headed to London for our weekly bob adventure. Armed with our Diana's, various other cameras and my newly acquired stroboscopic flash we walked into Trafalgar square. I had visions of a multi flash, pigeon, bob, extravaganza! But yet again the "bird mob bob photo" (new title) has alluded me! it turns out that there aren't any pigeons in Trafalgar square anymore!! How did I miss that! After a little research I discovered that this was a massive thing and that at one stage (according to the GLA where using industrial hoovers to suck them up!! Now they employ birds of prey to keep them away!!! WOW!! the search for the "bird mob bob photo" continues!

Slightly bereaved but not discouraged we pushed on strobe flash firing into a freezing night! Some how bob managed to draw a crowd of Russians and after a few minutes of gesticulations and misunderstandings they left with a bob! Who knows, maybe their bob photos will appear some day! We didn't even manage to get a photo of them!

Then we went to the south bank where bob was run over by quite a few skateboarders and generally got in the way a bit. Overall the big city was a little bit too big for bob but at least he didn't end up in the Thames! (thanks sellotape!)

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