Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring has sprung! hooray! Finally the grey season, the bane of lomographers, is over! With an imaginary drum roll i switched my aperture setting to sunny and Jake and i were off to the woods to capture springs first shoots! it was a day for experimenting and adventure! Jake has a new camera to try out (with three aperture settings: cloudy sunny and yellow, yes yellow!) i was in the mood climb trees and on a mission to get a decent shot from my splitzer!

Jakes yellow aperture was surprisingly successful as you can see, meanwhile i discovered that by the last quarter of my splitzer photos i have forgotten which way I am going and miss a quarter every time! It was even sunny enough to dust off the spinner so there are some 360 shots complete with sprocket holes courtesy of our very diligent developer at redbox cameras!

I think the few people we saw were a little shocked to see me all my cameras and accessories half way up a tree with a small cardboard man! my vision of bob overlooking an epic spring vista was an epic fail but at least Jake managed to get a shot of me in a tree looking like Bigfoot the photographer!

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