Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bob's Southern Californian Adventure by Danielle Dillahunt Elkin

Bob is very excited about being in Southern California although he is a little upset that he has not yet run into Angelina Jolie. He is ever hopeful.

I typically photograph Bob using my Holga 135. Holgas have lots of available accessories such as a wide angle lens, colored filters, soft focused colored filters, and a colorsplash flash. I break out of all these when taking photos of Bob. Bob, being an artistic guy himself, likes it that way.

Bob's first photo shoot was in the Old Town area of my city of Camarillo California. Camarillo is a small town north of Los Angeles with a very small and very quaint Old town section. I captured Bob taking in the local sites, window shopping, and generally soaking in the local color. With Old Town being about a mile long give or take, the photo shoot went rather quickly.

Bob's next trip was to Ventura beach with Ventura California being a small but very cool beach town also north of Los Angeles. Bob spent the day eating at a great 50s diner, going antiquing, and then going for a nice walk along the beach. I used my colorsplash camera for this photo shoot so no double exposures but some cool light effects photos were taken in the 50s diner.

Next Bob took a drive with me up the coast to Northern California. There he came along on a hiking trip. Part of the hike passed a farm where Bob narrowly escaped a potentially dangerous incident with a goat. Phew! Having survived the Goat Incident, Bob made it all the way up the hill to take in the glorious view of Northern California from up on high. I switched to b&w film for the drive back. We periodically stopped during the drive to give Bob a chance to stretch his legs and check out one particularly scenic beach. Here Bob hiked in the hills above the beach before heading down to check out the rocky shore. Although the water was cold that day, Bob made a run for the water and spent the rest of the car trip wrapped in blanket. You know, I had warned him . . .

This week Bob went to Santa Monica to check out the Santa Monica mall (hoping to see Angelina Jolie) and also to check out the world famous pier. He was photographed using colored flashes and colored filters and generally had a great time. He discovered he doesn't really like shopping that much as it was rather difficult finding items in his size. As usual he preferred the walk along the beach and of course taking in the sites of the pier. . .

By Danielle Dillahunt Elkin

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