Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sorry for the delay everyone! A post from the very first bob Hero now! the one and only Hakimbo Hakim!

Bob first arrived in Singapore on the 8th December 2010 from London. And boy was he excited in this hot and humid place! Bob went to shoot at Fort Canning Park on Lucky Black & White and looks amazing! Here’s bob in action! Bob at the Zebra crossing.. Pretending he’s on Abbey Road! Bob posed with a tourist which looks like Anna Wintour, the Fashion Goddess! Feel the wind against the hair!! Bob Mutated for Double Trouble! Ship Ahoy!! Bob wanna climb the lighthouse! Bob shot with a couple sun tanning. Bob second shoot was with a fiery hot Redscale film! Bob definitely look HOT! and enjoying the heat! Peek-a-boo Bob..! I see you hiding in someone’s mail box! Bob played a swing from a rubber tyre! That looks fun, Bob!! Bob on the railway track 778.25..! the grass looks like its gonna burst into flames anytime soon! With the scorching heat, Bob seek shelter under an umbrella someone who just walked past..! Nice trick Bob! Bob mischievously crept on my shoulder by the railway track and this is my personal favourite of Bob!! Lomo on Bob!

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