Monday, 11 April 2011

bob's first exhibition!!

Wow! well that was exciting! bob's first exhibition was a bit of a whirlwind, hence my blog post about it being two weeks late! we were not really planning to hold exhibitions this early into the project, but it worked out really well, with bob making an appearance in the BBC newsroom and local press!!!! (he is a better TV personality than i am it turns out!)

We only had a week to prepare so we were scouring the charity shops for tacky golden frames while i was busily threading a bob map and Jake printed polaroids all night! (it was fairly manic! and now my house is full of horrible picture frames) Jake also made feedback cards so visitors could tick the photos they liked just like facebook! (feedback to follow!)

Everyone was blown away by the scale of the project and keen to join! there were 70 bobs at the gallery for visitors to take and after one day they were all gone so we are expecting an influx of local photos! The photos looked amazing framed and properly presented it is really great to see how much amazing work there is already! We will definitely be having more exhibitions in the future and we are talking with the Wobbly Bridge about a larger scale Exhibition Soon!

Jake was armed with his Diana for the whole night so there are some great photos from the opening night have a look!

Jake and i would like to thank the Wobblybridge Gallery, Redbox Cameras and popasylum!! thanks!

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