Monday, 25 April 2011


Ok bobographers the first bob competition is here!! bob is looking for excitement, friends and fun!! and we want to see the pictures! So the subject for bob's competition is: PARTY. Dance floor, house party or perhaps just an intellectual chat over a fancy dinner bob is not fussy!

To enter: post your best pic (just one per person please) on the bob's PARTY competition events page. So just like a real party this is a popularity contest, get your friends, acquaintances even your mum to like your photo; the most liked over a two week period wins! simple.

This is a competition so what's the prize I hear you call. Well bobographers your in for a treat, not only will the winning image be posted in it's own gold gilt frame on our blog but the winner will be the proud recipient of a one of a kind bob PARTY competition T-shirt!! Utterly unique!! Plus there will be some bonus sweets a.k.a candy and the inevitable kudos that comes from being a HYSB competition winner.

Click here to go to the competition page!!

Good luck all!

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